Loving Vintage

Once considered a small creative niche in the fashion industry, vintage is clearly making its mark. On the rare occasions I find myself browsing offerings from large retail chains, without fail, there is a broad selection of clothing mimicking the styles of eras gone by. Great pieces representing a range of price points and eras, from the roaring twenties to the casual chic of the nineties.

In an effort to stand out in the crowd, increasing numbers of young people are developing an appreciation for “the real thing,” authentic vintage. Vintage shops are springing up all over the world; the collection, preservation and wear of vintage items is more mainstream than ever.

“It’s a way to wear your art collection,” said vintage enthusiast, Chloe Perea. “No one ever has the same outfit as I and I love that!”

Mixing vintage with new is the name of the game for many fans. “My authentic 70’s flare jeans are great with my brand new wedges,” continues Chloe. “And I always carry a vintage bag, no matter what my outfit is. It’s just different than what I see everyone else carrying and that’s important to me.”

We love seeing the vintage movement growing. We love the recycling aspect of wearing vintage along with the appreciation it shows for styles of the past. Saluting all vintage lovers out there!

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A Piece in Time

October 11, 2015

 Collecting antiques and vintage items is a wonderful way to stay in touch with our past. Decorating your personal space with furniture, art and/or decorative items can be likened to surrounding your space with a scrapbook of your life.

 One of my very favorite pieces, I first spotted as I was touring a friend’s new home. An antique aficionado herself, she had just bought a lovely little house in Brentwood, California. In the tiny bedroom upstairs, I spotted a walk-in closet with a breathtaking view of her wedding gown hanging on a turn-of-the–century vanity. The vision spoke so much of her impending marriage, the romance she had discovered, and the excitement of new beginnings. At close inspection, the vanity was quite decrepit, with splitting wood and drawers that stuck. My friend, however, had invested (more than piece was worth!!) on an amazing beveled mirror, which made the vanity sparkle like a gem.

 Although my friend and I never had reason to discuss it further, she knew the vanity had charmed me thoroughly. And so, you can imagine my sheer delight, when upon moving to a bigger home, my friend offered the piece to me. I told I would hold on to it for her forever, until she wanted it back.

Shhhh … I still have the beautiful old vanity in my master bedroom. It charms me every morning; covered with my children’s photographs and other tiny antique treasures. I have since added lots of other beautiful pieces that compliment the history and romance of the one little vanity. As I enjoy my retreat from the world dotted with vintage treasures, I am encouraged to revisit the times, places and people in my life that they represent.

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Happy Birthday to Us!

Time flies when you're having fun! We can't believe that Juniper & Lane Vintage has been around for 2 whole years now!

We are so, so grateful to each and every one of you for your support as we've built our little shop on Ventura Blvd. Your visits, your purchases, your kind words, and even your "likes" on Facebook and Instagram mean so much to us.

Please join us as we celebrate our 2 year anniversary with a party at the shop this Thursday, October 8 from 5-9pm! 

We'll have cocktails & snacks, and are offering 20% off all vintage home decor items, including vintage furniture, art, and lighting. We're also excited to have some of our amazingly talented friends joining us as artists and vendors:

...and more! We hope to see you there!

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A girl's best friend

In our brick and mortar shop, front and center on our repurposed wood counter, is an antique glass top box full of glittering gems. Here, an ever-changing mix of wonderful vintage gems, represent many an era gone by. One thing they all have in common, is the nostalgia for the past that most admirers mention as they browse. The intricate designs and timeless beauty represented in the glittering jewels inspire us to look back most longingly at the past! Maybe it’s the speed with which our technology driven lives are propelling us that contributes to our deep appreciation for the unique beauty of these lovely old pieces. With jewelry and fashions being pumped out in massive quantities, we often find ourselves longing for the craftsmanship and quality offered in a vintage piece. And so, as I watch my favorite pieces catch an eye, then capture a heart, and eventually wrap them up and send them off to a new home, I feel grateful for the second chance these items of beauty will have to be cherished by a whole new generation of vintage lovers.

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