A Piece in Time

October 11, 2015

 Collecting antiques and vintage items is a wonderful way to stay in touch with our past. Decorating your personal space with furniture, art and/or decorative items can be likened to surrounding your space with a scrapbook of your life.

 One of my very favorite pieces, I first spotted as I was touring a friend’s new home. An antique aficionado herself, she had just bought a lovely little house in Brentwood, California. In the tiny bedroom upstairs, I spotted a walk-in closet with a breathtaking view of her wedding gown hanging on a turn-of-the–century vanity. The vision spoke so much of her impending marriage, the romance she had discovered, and the excitement of new beginnings. At close inspection, the vanity was quite decrepit, with splitting wood and drawers that stuck. My friend, however, had invested (more than piece was worth!!) on an amazing beveled mirror, which made the vanity sparkle like a gem.

 Although my friend and I never had reason to discuss it further, she knew the vanity had charmed me thoroughly. And so, you can imagine my sheer delight, when upon moving to a bigger home, my friend offered the piece to me. I told I would hold on to it for her forever, until she wanted it back.

Shhhh … I still have the beautiful old vanity in my master bedroom. It charms me every morning; covered with my children’s photographs and other tiny antique treasures. I have since added lots of other beautiful pieces that compliment the history and romance of the one little vanity. As I enjoy my retreat from the world dotted with vintage treasures, I am encouraged to revisit the times, places and people in my life that they represent.