Loving Vintage

Once considered a small creative niche in the fashion industry, vintage is clearly making its mark. On the rare occasions I find myself browsing offerings from large retail chains, without fail, there is a broad selection of clothing mimicking the styles of eras gone by. Great pieces representing a range of price points and eras, from the roaring twenties to the casual chic of the nineties.

In an effort to stand out in the crowd, increasing numbers of young people are developing an appreciation for “the real thing,” authentic vintage. Vintage shops are springing up all over the world; the collection, preservation and wear of vintage items is more mainstream than ever.

“It’s a way to wear your art collection,” said vintage enthusiast, Chloe Perea. “No one ever has the same outfit as I and I love that!”

Mixing vintage with new is the name of the game for many fans. “My authentic 70’s flare jeans are great with my brand new wedges,” continues Chloe. “And I always carry a vintage bag, no matter what my outfit is. It’s just different than what I see everyone else carrying and that’s important to me.”

We love seeing the vintage movement growing. We love the recycling aspect of wearing vintage along with the appreciation it shows for styles of the past. Saluting all vintage lovers out there!